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Most helpful reviews

Love how the king oyster mushroom was grilled nicely! The turmeric infused coconut sauce was

creamy and heavenly! Lots of vegan options at Violet Oon Satay Bar. Will definitely be back to try the rest!

Grilled scored king oyster mushrooms on a bed of creamy tumeric-infused coconut cream. The base

was perfumed with coriander too. The king oyster mushroom was a bit undercooked however which makes chewing really hard. Very nice to see a restaurant offering this many vegan options! #veganuary

I love the char-grilled taste from here. Almost taste like chicken meat from the tenderness

& juiciness of the king oyster mushroom. Highly recommended.

This is pretty tasty but really really heavy. I wish they could use impossible meat

instead of the oyster mushrooms.

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