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Most helpful reviews

Impossible satay was charred perfectly. Love the smokiness of the char and the nice blend

of spices in the impossible meat. Grated pineapple provided the right amount of tanginess in the satay sauce. Served with steamed rice cake, cucumber and red onions on the side.

This was so interesting and delicious! I’ve never had impossible meat taste and feel like

this where it was so soft and also so flavourful. We should petition to have them bring this back on their menu 🙏 #sgtop50

The satay was very tasty! Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside 😋

The sauce was sweet with a lot of peanuts! The only downside was there was only 3 sticks and we wished there were a lot more for the price. But would def still order it again!

Must be the best plant-based satay in Singapore. A little too thin in portion but

definitely tasty & well char-grilled.

This was one of the best dishes here, it really tasted like a meat satay.

The peanut sauce could be sweeter and more nutty, but would definitely come back for this!

This will sound weird - the outer part of the “meat” did not taste like

satay BUT the inner part of it did. I don’t how that is possible. I like the dip it’s perfect for me as I can’t do much spicy 🥵

It’s pricey for what little satay you actually get. But the sauce? Wow. I asked

for seconds. Goes well with the other dishes.

Loved this! Cooked well and comes with lontong ❤️ the sauce wasn't spicy so good

for folks that don't want a spicy dish

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