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Buah Keluak is a mainstay of #peranakan cuisine. Earthy, nutty, sometimes referred as the Asian

equivalent of Truffle but often described as an acquired taste. This raw seed of the kepayang “fruit” has cyanide, actually poisonous if not cured properly before cooking! This involves boiling, immersion in ash and burial in the ground for an extended period which needless to say, is a dying art. Kepayang trees is native to the region, with presence in East Javan dishes too!

It's really rare to see buah keluak in vegan dishes so I'm always excited when that happens. While served a bit cold, I loved the bits of oyster mushroom in between the jasmine rice and especially the candlenuts on top. Kaffir lime leaves do get stuck in your teeth. Very nice to see a restaurant offering this many vegan options! #veganuary

This dish was tasty but I’m not quite sure if I’m able to associate it

with Buah Kalak. They put quite a bit of BK in it I think, but it lacks the fragrance you usually get in the traditional dish. My BF who tried it for the first time loved it though! He said it was really special so maybe I’m not being a fair judge since I’m used to the traditional dish where you mix the nut with the sauce and the rice. Not sure. I would definitely give it another go though.

Buah keluak is an acquired taste, so is this dish. It was pretty authentic though

I do think the quantity could have been slightly more for the price

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