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Most helpful reviews

Sooooo good! Tasted like the real deal! Just the right amount of spice, texture was

totally on point as well. Would've fooled me if I didn't know it was vegan! #veganuary

Otah was great. Texture is 95% similar to the real otah, and the taste is

aromatic and flavorful! Good to have it together with their satays!

Would not have expected a vegan otah to have existed. It’s just so flavourful and

tasty. It didn’t have a fishy flavour that I remember in otah but it does the trick. Would get again and highly recommend it!

Satay ran out just before I got there so had to settle for this! They're

barbecuing it right on the spot so it was hot and had a good smokiness. Wasn't that different from other vegetarian otahs I've tried but still good.

it’s mock meat afterall.. my mom got this because she likes the concept of the

stall where an uncle sit on a stool at his stall with a mini bbq pit

Amazing Otah and just the right level of spiciness. I really enjoyed this dish

Generous amount of filings. Slightly spicy. Texture very similar to the real thing. Nice to

see that this is freshly grilled at the hawker stall.

This is much thicker than the one at many other places. Texture is chewy, but

for me it is too salty and not spicy at all.

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