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Big Otah

by Victor's Vegetarian Food


4.16 (14)

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4 September 2020
Uncle Victor has two types of Otah - the small skiny one & this big

banana leaf version. I had a not too nice otah pizza that sent me hunting for a more satisfying otah. So I headed straight to Victor's the next night. Aunty says they are sold out. I must have looked so disappointed. Then she says I have 2 left. I am so lucky! This is the yummiest vegan otah in the world! The Otah is only warm as they had grilled it in its banana leaf a while back. The savoury vegan fish paste meat is soft, the spiciness is perfect, the fragrance & smokiness from the banana leaf is heavenly.. I am so fully satisfied!
Otah is dish of Malay and Peranakan origins. It is a blend of raw fish, chopped onions, coconut milk, herbs and spices. The puree is usually wrapped in a banana leaf and grilled over an open charcoal fire.
S$2 each
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$2 - Big vegan otah like this is a rare find! With this so tasty,

I don't think real meat is needed to make otah!


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$2.20 per piece. Quite big with visible pieces of ‘fish’, decent amount of spice. Tastes

like ‘normal’ otah. Bought this as their satay was sold out, their satay is still my favourite but this comes close!

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For otah lovers here you have a delectable fish otah for $2! It’s seasoned v

well and the marinade has penetrated the piece of soy. Queue gets v long for these as people tend to order a lot at once #veganuary

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Many raved about this otah, but I personally find that there is no wow factor.

It's nice and spicy but nothing bombastic. Good that there is no fish taste

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Belly good vegan otah.

Liked the smaller version more but since it’s gone. This is

the next best. 😋

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