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Orange Tofu

by Veggie House


4.87 (3)

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9 October 2022
The best dang orange tofu I've ever feasted upon! It was a perfect appetizer for

our meal.
The standout of this dish was easily the orange sauce. Second to that: the crispiness of the tofu. The niblets of orange were a nice addition to bring the orange-iness of this dish over the top. Veggie House is not to be missed if you're ever in Chinatown!

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8 October 2022
This was everything I could have asked for in an orange sauce! I used to

love orange chicken, so I was really excited to try this tofu with orange sauce. It was so thick and sticky and the orange taste was wonderful. I love that it had actual pieces of orange and orange zest.

#tofu #chinesefood #chicago #chinatown

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this stuff was so good, second time ordering and it was just as great as

the first time, even to go!

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