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Mee Pok

by Veggie House


4.56 (5)

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2 September 2021
Nothing spectacular form-wise but taste ranks right up there alongside the explantsive-indulgent dishes.

Highly recommended by yours truly 😋

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28 December 2021
Most Mee Pok noodles have eggs in it.

When I found this mee pok doesn’t have eggs, I was so happy! It is my mum’s and my favourite 🤩 when I ordered from Grabfood, the mee pok automatically includes chilli sauce. If your child, family member or yourself don’t take chilli, please leave a...

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25 May 2022
Tastes okay.

You need to mix the sauce with the noodles

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18 April 2022
So yummy.

The noodles are qq. The vegan fishball is very nice. I like to add a lot of chilli too.

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24 May 2022

Glad to find a vegan Mee Pok. Noodles were cooked well. Remember to stir before eating so the sauce can be mixed...

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