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Carrot cake

by Veggie Grill


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11 February 2021
Veggie Grill is great! Delicious and affordable vegan fast food. Love the vegan carrot


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Moist, sweet but not too sweet, and slivers of carrots make this Carrot Cake special

and unique. Yours won’t come with a candle. Today was my birthday and this was my treat! #losangeles

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If you have a walnut allergy I personally advise that you do not eat this

(hence the walnuts on the top!). However, if you do not have a but allergy, this cake is a delight to eat :)! The cream cheese frosting really takes the cake! And i love the texture of the shredded carrots that they baked into the cake :D However, I think I may be biased because I love eating carrot cake haha. Please give this a try! I hope you will like it as much as I do! Thank you for giving vegan food a try, you ARE making a difference.

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2 April 2020
First off: carrot cake used to be one of my favorite deserts, but I tried

to stay away after going vegan. Seeing it in a vegan only place like Veggie Grill gave me back the simple joy of eating my fav cake minus the guilt!

A nice dessert to have for your cake cravings. The carrot gives the nutrition while

you are hogging all the sugar. Good taste and a simple look. The frosting was very smooth and tasty.

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Yum!! This cake is so good 😊 The frosting is so sweet and creamy and

the walnut toppings are crunchy and delicious!

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