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22 July 2021
This is not the first time I post vegan waf!!!

And let me tell you once again 😅 I love this 🤤♥️ in this post I join @-margot- to celebrate and wish you all happy national day in Belgium 🇧🇪 fête nationale belge!!!! Like it deserves waffles and ice cream with vegan Belgian chocolate 🙌🏻 #belgian #belgium #waffles #icecream

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17 January 2022

Nos encantó. Son 5€ cada waffle por echarle chocolate

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16 May 2021
Perfect Belgian Waffle and vegan, you cannot wish for more.

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26 April 2019
finally I tested these belgian and vegan waffles!

super nice and its near Grand Place

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11 January 2020
I didn't even walk directly past the shop, it was vegan brain that decided

I needed to crane my head to see what was down an adjacent street. When I saw the word 'vegan', my direction changed immediately, though I had no idea what I was walking toward. 😉

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31 March 2022
Forse non mi ricordo più il sapore del vero waffle ma vi assicuro che secondo

me questo gli somiglia tantissimo! Buonissimo (forse troppo dolce per il mio compagno)

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17 July 2019
This was AMAZING.

Great texture, great service, NO PLASTIC, fresh strawberries. Just heaven. Were so happy to find this after smelling waffles for an hour in the streets.

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