Belgian waffle

by Veganwaf'
4.49 (16)
  • Is Belgian waffle vegan? Yes! Belgian waffle is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Most helpful reviews

This was AMAZING. Great texture, great service, NO PLASTIC, fresh strawberries. Just heaven. Were so

happy to find this after smelling waffles for an hour in the streets.

This is not the first time I post vegan waf!!! And let me tell you

once again 😅 I love this 🤤♥️ in this post I join @-margot- to celebrate and wish you all happy national day in Belgium 🇧🇪 fête nationale belge!!!! Like it deserves waffles and ice cream with vegan Belgian chocolate 🙌🏻 #belgian #belgium #waffles #icecream

I had the whipped cream and caramel one and it was delicious ! And gluten-free


Gluten free vegan Belgium waffles. The cinnamon taste was prominent (not complaining because I love

cinnamon) but it was a little too sweet for me. Chewy on the inside and slightly crisp on the outside. 👍🏼

Vegan kiosk offering vegan waffles with and without topping. Slightly more pricey than traditional waffles.

Taste is great and texture is crunchy but gooey, love it. Cinnamon trigger warning.

I love that vegan people also get the chance to taste a typical Belgian waffle!

I got mine with banana and whipped cream and it was really really good! Highly recommend this spot 😊

I didn't even walk directly past the shop, it was vegan brain that decided I

needed to crane my head to see what was down an adjacent street. When I saw the word 'vegan', my direction changed immediately, though I had no idea what I was walking toward. 😉
I'm not one for sweet options, so I opted for the plain waffle. If you're into sweet treats, then this is for you. Nice chewy, crunchy texture, but very sweet!

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