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  • DANG! (Mac n' Cheese)

DANG! (Mac n' Cheese)

by Vegan Junkies


4.57 (7)

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29 August 2021
Good Mac'n'cheese.

Pasta, vegan cheese sauce, green onion and fried onion on top. It's presented as a first dish, but could easilly be a main course. The cheese sauce might be a bit thicker, but Overall the flavour is...

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27 November 2019
A really different tasting mac n cheese.

Tastes quite parmesany. Not overly sauce but still very flavoured. Really loved the hip hop theme for the food names, menu aesthetic and...

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16 December 2022
Very delicious vegan mac n’ cheese.

Perfect appetizer and nice cheesy flavor!

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14 September 2021
Great entree, that's almost too filling to be classified as one!

Very very good, it was my introduction to Mac n cheese and I was very impressed. The little pieces of vegan bacon were a nice touch

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30 August 2021
Sou suspeita a avaliar pratos com massa, porque adoro.

Este é óptimo, sabe imenso a queijo, mas gostaria que o molho fosse mais espesso e cremoso. Ainda assim, é óptimo!

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4 December 2019
A delicious mac n cheese!

Full of flavour! Loved visiting this place. Very friendly staff and nice atmosphere.

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28 March 2022
I loved this dish!

It tasted like a non vegan mac n’ cheese. The portion was just right. Very tasty and...

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