Strawberry poptart

by Vegan East
4.40 (6)
  • Is Strawberry poptart vegan? Yes! Strawberry poptart is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Most helpful reviews

This is much fancier than you traditional pop tart and I would love to eat

them alllll the time. Could’ve use a bit more strawberry filling, in my opinion tho. Overall, this was ridiculously yummy. 🍓

Everything was amazing!! But the vegan pop-tart was especially great!

This pop tart was as big as my hand! Vegan East's take on the classic

breakfast pastry had me floored - by a sugar coma! It was like having cake for breakfast, with a side of childhood nostalgia. For $6, it is a bit spendy, so I'd relegate this to a sweet treat once every blue moon. It was perfect to grab while out for a morning walk with @iszy.

Who needs Pop-Tarts when you can have one of these?! The strawberry filling was very

jammy, and the pastry and frosting delish too!

This was so amazing! It was literally a dessert for breakfast and I loved every

bite of it. The taste and texture was perfect.

The frosting and filling is great and I love the saltiness of the pastry!

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