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Most helpful reviews

So delicious. The texture is so soft, very nice Cinnamon flavor, and really good frosting.

Served nice and warm....yum!!!

Sooo delicious! I could’ve eaten a couple of them.

A breakfast classic! Unfortunately, @iszy cut it before I could snap a picture with the

roll intact. We couldn't help ourselves!
This reminded me of the Cinnabons I had as a child in malls and airports. Between the pop tart and this, I was KO'd for a few hours due to sugar overload - so worth it!

These are great classic cinnamon rolls! They were fresh when we ordered and I shouldn't

have waited to eat them so I could taste them fresh. They were still good the next day though!


Just a delicious classic cinnamon roll, straight from the oven! Excellent with a cup of

their coffee! 😋☕️

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