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Los lunes es 2x1 de media porción en V-Ramen 🥰 asi que este platote (de

verás estaba grande ajsjaja) me costó nomás 80 pesitos lml
Lo elegí de curry y fideos de chile pero tienen varios tipos de caldo y fideos :33 el menú es súper amplio y no está tan caro según yo ajsjaja, obvio planeo volver a probar más cosas y ustedes tmb deberían #abillionlove <33

All versions of #ramen in this place are absolutely delicious 🤤 This one with

curry broth is quite tasty and intense flavor 👍🏼 Additional ingredients can be added as desired 💚 #veganin2020

It didn’t come with a lot of the veggies and the broth looked more like

a gravy to me 😅 #veganuary

My first ramen and I'm so glad I could find delicious vegan ramen at that!

Creamy, spicy just waiting to be slurped and the broth to be drunk after your done.
I chose the fideo kale (kale noodles) and opted for no other toppings. All the ingredients were fresh, perfectly cooked and flavorful.
Loved it and would go back to try the other noodles, broth bases and other menu items.

The ramen here is just amazing, the owner trained in Japan

Este ramen está muy delicioso 🤤 en cuanto a precio cantidad se me hace muy


Tastes really good. Abundant, good flavour and balanced

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