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Caldo Curry Ramen

by V Ramen


4.74 (7)

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23 February 2021
Los lunes es 2x1 de media porción en V-Ramen 🥰 asi que este platote (de

verás estaba grande ajsjaja) me costó nomás 80 pesitos lml

#abillionlove <33

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5 October 2019
My first ramen and I'm so glad I could find delicious vegan ramen at

that! Creamy, spicy just waiting to be slurped and the broth to be drunk after your done.

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28 March 2021
Este ramen está muy delicioso 🤤 en cuanto a precio cantidad se me hace muy


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17 January 2023
Pedí media porción con fideos regulares y extra de tofu frito.

Como siempre delicioso, algo pesado para mi obviamente por el curry.

#ramen #curry #ciudaddemexico #veganuary2023

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31 July 2021
The ramen here is just amazing, the owner trained in Japan

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12 December 2020
All versions of #ramen in this place are absolutely delicious 🤤 This one with curry

broth is quite tasty and intense flavor 👍🏼 Additional ingredients can be added as desired 💚 #veganin2020

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8 March 2020
Tastes really good.

Abundant, good flavour and balanced

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10 January 2021
It didn’t come with a lot of the veggies and the broth looked more

like a gravy to me 😅 #veganuary

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