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16 December 2021
Really enjoyed this.

The ‘bolognese’ was particularly good. I also liked how this wasn’t oily (don’t get me wrong, I love a greasy toastie but a lighter option was nice). Love that there’s a 100% vegan toastie place in Melb’s...

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21 November 2021
I go to Union Kiosk at least once again because the jaffles are AMAZING!!

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20 September 2022
JAFFLES are my new obsession!

A toasted sandwich filled with bolognese and vegan cheese. This is a really cute cafe too.

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6 August 2019
This is straight fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥 enough said mmm man #alv

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1 July 2021
Good size for a jaffle and very filling.

The filling maybe needs a bit of salt or flavour but otherwise is a pretty good jaffle

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20 December 2019
I’ve never seen a toastie with so much filling.

It’s super tasty with the garlic butter and vegan cheese and it’s also filling too.


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