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Mushroom kolomee

by 擂茶树 Thunder Tree


4.42 (10)

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7 April 2021
I forgot to take a photograph before mixing, hence the mess.

It's a nice meal as always, and I really liked the tofu bits included, though their toppings always change depending on what is available.

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2 January 2021
Beautifully and subtly flavoured with sesame oil.

Lots of healthy organic ingredients on top of mushrooms - fresh greens and shredded carrots. The kolomee truly is the star - springy, qq, absorbs flavour wonderfully. #veganuary

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28 February 2021
Must try the noodles without anything!

Super yummy and tasty 😋.


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18 March 2021
really yummy.

it seemed healthy but towards the end it felt a little bit too oily. would still order the next time i’m there. $4.80 + 20c for takeout

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17 December 2021
My first time getting their mushroom kolo mee.

I usually go for lei cha instead cos of my love for veggies. Surprisingly, i actually love this dish more than the leicha. The braised mushrooms were very soft and...

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2 October 2021
This kolomee is delicious.

It tastes better than the original Sarawak version which is made with lard. The dressing is lighter and more flavourful. The taste is complex and...

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24 December 2019
Chilli is recommended for people who enjoy spicy food as it accentuates the overall taste

better. Noodles are done very well and very springy. Quantity can be a bit more to make it more satisfying.

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29 October 2020
The seller very friendly and cheerful, add point !

I just find the noodle abit too hard, maybe I am not use to

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8 June 2018
Mushrooms = Star of the show.

Wish they were more generous with the noodles, though. That was my only gripe with this dish. Love how they added beans and tofu (Like how they would for their lei cha), making this dish very...

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21 June 2018
I got this for take away and I absolutely loved it!

Always a fan of some rice or noodle dish that is healthy, flavourful and not too heavy.

Would have liked a few more...

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