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Absolutely one of my favourite vegan dishes in Singapore. In the world, probably! This hearty

bowl of goodness is a nice twist on thunder tea rice. Apart from the traditional healthy heapings of vegetables and tofu and peanuts, Thunder Tree has added in their handmade kolomee. And it's a brilliant idea - the springy noodles pair perfectly with all the ingredients, with everything elevated by a dash of sesame oil. The leicha soup is delightful too. Rich and faintly bitter, which goes well with the sweetness of the noodles. Could inhale the noodles on their own tbh but eating with or mixing in the soup really makes it all come together. Highly, highly recommended. I could eat this all day, every day!! #veganuary

Never tried this till now! I’m beyond impressed! I can’t believe it took me this

long. Was stil craving noodles so I got this withnoodle instead of rice. I have nothing to compare it to as iMve never had thunder tea anything.
I found it really fragrant, I loved the flavours and the sweetness was just right.
Would definitely get it again
#chinese #local #noodle

Subtly seasoned QQ kolo mee, sweet potato leaves (the veggies rotate regularly), kidney beans, minced

tofu, cai pu, long beans & a small sprinkle of roasted peanuts. Earthy thunder tea soup!

This was absolutely divine!!!!!!!
Seriously so so good. I tried the rice one and loved it

so much. But this kolo mee version, oh my.. insanely good.
the noodles absorb the tea flavour so well and it was such a beautiful dish.

i never thought i would enjoy thunder tea dishes this much.

Am glad ill be working in this part of town for this month so i can try out their other dishes.


This is so far my top favourite Lei Cha in Singapore. The Kolo Mee just

perfectly matched with the Lei Cha and the portion is huge with loads of greens! Just simply love this dish so much and I swear I could have it every day! #CRF

V affordable considering it’s organic and from farm to table! Loveee the slightly qq kolo

mee though the portion is a bit too large for smaller eaters haha. Good mix of crunchy roasted peanuts, long beans & other ingredients! The thunder tea broth is slightlyyy bitter/thinner but it’ll not be bitter at all once you mix the broth into the lightly seasoned sesame oil noodles (nope not overly oily)! #veganuary

First time trying this dish in kolo mee. Good portion, fresh ingredients, affordable and the

broth was good. The kolo mee was springy. Would be back to try other things on the menu!


The ingredients is the same as what they put on the Lei Cha Rice. Nothing

special about the noodles. Nevertheless, it was a heartily satisfying meal #crfsg

One of the tastiest versions of kolo mee in my opinion :’) The thunder tea

broth is on the less salty side, so mix with the noodle sauce and drink it together for optimum flavours! :) #abillionturns3

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