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by The Salad Shop


4.50 (34)

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5 February 2020
Wow this was epic beautiful ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ considering the place has such a long line and

yet they still have time to plate things so nicely. I loved all the vegan options except be careful to check the ingredients because some of the options look vegan but have yogurt in them. My favorite things in the bowl were the crispy okra and baby eggplants and the beetroot hummus was pretty good...

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3 February 2021
Back for their signature beetroot hummus - still as good!

My usual combo but with brown rice this time. Chewy and well-cooked. Small human size - $9.50

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25 March 2021
My nth review on the same place.

Can't get enough of their beetroot hummus - simply the BEST! Their vegan chipotle almond mayo was very yums too. $9.50

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28 February 2019
Another foray to the salad shop and I tried the vegan patty this time.

Itโ€™s quinoa-based and is crumbly yet crunchy on the edges, which I loved. I got my usual brown rice, sweet potato quinoa balls, plus mushrooms, seeds, and olive oil. A good value for $9.

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2 November 2021
Human-sized is MASSIVE!

Everything was fresh and yummy, but there were a few things lacking seasoning. The mushrooms are packed with umami flavour and avo was perfect. Will be back, with my salt shaker in my handbag.

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5 December 2020
Favourite salad shop.

Got the small human size for 9sgd. Love the thai glass noodles, corns and tofu protein ingredients. Had it topped with pesto dressing #veganin2020

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14 October 2020
14/30: Chose quinoa as base, beetroot hummus โค๏ธ, baked carrot, broccoli, baked tofu and topped

with mixed seeds and pesto dressing. Super yums! $9 #veganisnotscary

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29 September 2020
Oh this is soooo goood and I finished it all.

I miss @thesaladshopsg salad so much! Thank you @veggielovero for going with me to get my craving fix earlier! Staff are v friendly and helpful in identifying which contain no onion and garlic for strict...

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23 August 2019
got the vegman portion where you can choose 3 cold and 3 hot toppings :-D

(actually you can mix and match, as long as the total number of toppings is 6). they were out of quite a lot of the roasted veggie toppings that i wanted though. but the giant portion definitely made up for...

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