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  • Seafood-less Udon
  • Seafood-less Udon

Seafood-less Udon

by The Plant Food


4.84 (5)

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3 January 2023
Chubby Japanese nama udon noodles stir-fried with edamame, konjac 'prawns', konjac 'squid rings', carrots, and

cabbage. Tasty and QQ! There is also a Teriyaki Udon available for those who prefer whole foods (shiitake mushrooms) instead of konjac. (Allium-free, $9.90) #sgvegan #womenowned

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2 July 2023
Savoury-sweet base with a touch of fragrant sesame oil. Goes nicely with the thick &

soft udon and konnyaku-based ‘prawn’ and ‘sotong’ rings

#sgeats #udon

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This was very tasty with lots of sesame oil, the taste of the seafood could

be improved but it's more or less the same everywhere

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