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Most helpful reviews

Super fresh salad charred pears, strawberry, broccolini and fresh walnuts!
This was a one of the

first dishes from incredible 11 courses meal 🤩

Super yummy salad with lots of fruit and caramelized butternut squash and walnuts! Easily one

of the best salads I’ve had in my life

This was part of a vegan 21 course menu and I still cannot believe I

managed to eat everything! This salad is so tasty and refreshing. Every dish takes you through a beautiful culinary experience.

Great mix of seasonal vegetables on garlic mash with charred fruits and berries

So many seasonal and fresh ingredients in this salad, I couldn’t remember all of them🥲

are many flavours, but they don’t overwhelm you. Beautifully made salad!

Packed with lots of different flavour, every ingredient brings something different.

Felt like I was Remi’s

brother on Ratatouille, for those who remember the scene where Remi tries to get his brother to pair different things together instead of chomping on down everything 😂

Swipe right to see the hugest wine glass I’ve been served!

Something a little bit different, tastes good. Nomad has decent plant-based options and is good

for mixed group dining. The dining experience felt a little flat.. would have helped if the chefs and manager were a little more engaging, especially since it is a counter dining experience.

This dish was very very nice with lots of flavour and it is very aesthetically


Probably one of the best Salat ever been done by humans... you will ask for


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