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A refreshing appetizer that's packed with bright flavors from the herbs and crisp veggies, wrapped

in soft chewy rice paper. So amazing dipped in the slightly spicy peanut dipping sauce. #abvteamfoodtography #feature

I missed summer rolls from Vietnam since I returned from my trip 5years ago. Unfortunately,

I have not been able to find one with the exact same standard until I come across this! Despite being a vegan dish, this is one of the best that I have ever tried and it is even cheaper and bigger than most places! The fillings were similar to the non-vegan ones except with the inclusion of seitan to substitute for the meat. I enjoyed the mint leaves very much in particular. The sauce accompanying it was not alot but I think it's just nice. The summer roll itself is good enough to be eaten alone. This, I would say, is the best I have ever tried in Singapore. I would definitely order this again! :)

The fresh summer rolls are exactly what they say they are. They’re fresh, summer-y, and

keep the menu on a roll (of great vegan dishes). Work beautifully as a starter to wet the appetite, or as a plate cleanser to finish your meal! A must try when you visit The Kind Bowl!

#veganisnotscary #vietnamese #singapore

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The summer roll was yummy, I ate it without sauce.

The turnip tasted very raw & strong! I quite like it 😋

#EveryEffortCount 1 Oct #247/365 #1499
The portion seems to be smaller than before 😅

roll was fresh and the dipping sauce was delicious.

these fuckers are huge. its not a regular spring roll. they’re the size of a

baby‘s forearms. i bought 2 before the wife told me she doesn’t like vietnamese rolls so i had to eat BOTH ON TOP of my noodle bowl. luckily they don’t feel fattening so i still got room for ice cream and potato chips for dessert. they’re good. vietnamese rice paper usually makes me kinda nauseous when i have a few at home but these don’t do that. comes with a rad dipping sauce too. i don’t remember what it was but it was red.

Got this for free with my order on Foodpanda :)

Yummy rice roll with seitan "chicken"

and tofu strips that's a perfect snack! So awesome that it's served on banana leaf!


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