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Salad Bowl

by The Crowded Bowl


4.13 (9)

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2 March 2021
Extra add-on is 1$ each.
The bowl 🥣 compromises of one dressing (balsamic vinaigrette is

the only vegan option)
Then romaine lettuce 🥬
Then a main and 2 sides.
4.5$ per bowl.

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can't believe how simple, tasty and affordable this was!! lettuce base, tomato pasta, broccoli &

mock fish. $4.80 total 🥳 if this was in the CBD it would've cost $10 lol

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Sorry if I coded the locations wrongly I can’t tell south from north so my

NTU reviews have a 50% chance of actually being in the right location 😩😩😩🤡🤡🤡 Docked a star for price. 2 toppings, 1 main for $4.5. Caption says it all #ntueats

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Avoid those sauces and veggies that contain dairy and eggs. Likely that there might be

a cross contamination since it’s a ovo-vegetarian restaurant.
I had fish balls tofu, another type of tofu, olive rice, balsamic vinegar dressing , cheesy pumpkin, romaine lettuce for 5.9$

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Healthy pasta in NTU north spine. Love their olive rice, Tom yum kelp. Altho would

prefer the red sauce pasta to be 100% vegan as it contains cheese :(
But definitely a go to for healthy meal on campus

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found my absolute favourite stall in ntu. you get a choice of 1 main (pasta)

and 2 sides (corn and chickpeas) along with fresh lettuce and dressing. sounds little but for the price, the portion size was insane!! it filled up my whole box and i was actually so full. they had a mix of both fresh and cooked veggies to suit your preference!

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Lady was very helpful in walking me thru, nevermind the queue behind 🤭

Only a handful

of dishes are vegan; most contain dairy/eggs/honey. Even the innocent looking cherry tomatoes were glazed with the latter (蜜)。。As far as the vegan ones go, its well-executed, fresh and flavourful.. Just wish there's more!

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A very solid four star salad bowl. Toppings offered are very normal but well done

(I like the pumpkin a lot!) and the base options are good as well (I had olive rice).

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Solid ingredients for a quick lunch! I tried the bamboo (tom yum flavour) and found

its texture weirdly appealing, and liked the mock fish sticks.

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