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Duck Congee

by The Clef Cafe


4.33 (3)

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6 August 2021
Decent duck congee but I felt it didn’t live up to the praises by

others for this dish. Given its price point of $5.10 for takeaway, I expected better.

An assortment of mushrooms and really flavourful gravy but the congee itself was over-cooked (maybe because I bought it in the evening) and a little...

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17 April 2020
Nice flavouring and taste with braised mushrooms and chewy soy sauce "duck meat", similar to

the real duck congee, congee cooked to a degree of smoothness👍🏻 definitely a great substitute.

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21 April 2019
Thick, flavourful five-spice sauce with a variety of shredded mushrooms serves over piping hot

rice porridge. This is their Signature dish and I can see why. Definitely coming back if I'm craving for porridge :)

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