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  • Yachae Jeon (Vegetable Pancake)
  • Yachae Jeon (Vegetable Pancake)

Yachae Jeon (Vegetable Pancake)

by The Boneless Kitchen


4.16 (36)

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14 January 2021
Yummy! This was my first time trying Korean vegetable pancake and it was really good.

I love the charred sides. 🤩 #veganuary

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Always hv the kimchi pancake there but decided to try yachae jeon instead.
Nice n light,a

lil bit oily to my liking,more potatoes than vege. But stil liking it.

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Crispy fried vegetable pancake served with a lovely dipping sauce. Great side to top off

the amazing experience you’ll have at Boneless Kitch.
The boneless kitchen is a Korean restaurant with an entirely vegetarian, extremely vegan-friendly menu. non-vegan items are clearly stated. Wide range of options, and large healthy portions, fit for sharing. Great place for the family.

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Vegetable pancake suitable for those who prefer a lighter taste, otherwise there is also a

kimchi jeon version available. ($10).

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pairing this vegetable pancake with the sauce provided makes such a difference! greatly enhances and

brings all the flavours together well. the crispier the better! i was also surprised by how quick our food was served. really impressed by this place. but remember to make reservations ahead of time. def in my list of fav veg places.

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