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This was FOC from the restaurant!
All the 3 side

dishes were delicious and yummy! But was a bit surprised that no kimchi come with it 🙄

Ordered this and was perfect for sharing! Food was all flavourful

These banchan or side dishes are served together with our main course. They are essentials

in Korean cuisine. Banchan is made through fermentation, most of them have sour taste except the mashed potato. #korean

Today's banchan is not too exciting. Seaweed has nice texture but not very flavourful -

just tastes like chewy bites of the sea lol. The chilli cucumbers are nice!


free!!! yay HAHA usually they have the radish kimchi instead of the eggplant we got,

which tbh wasn’t as good. like the eggplant was really soft (I liked it) but the sauce was eh. didn’t really go well with the food we had, would prefer the radish!! I personally love the mashed potato because it’s so creamy:”D and the seaweed is a little thick but nicely marinated in a mild tasting sauce!!

we got the kimchi, cabbage and mashed potatoes the side dishes! came free with one

free refill too hehe. really liked the cabbage over the rest personally, it was nice and soft and flavourful too. the mashed potatoes were average, though my sister really liked it. kimchi was average too, don’t remember it being too spicy!

Had mashed potato, eggplant and kelp side dishes. All three dishes were pretty standard in

terms of taste. That said, it’s nice to have small side dishes to go with my meal. You can even ask for a refill.

the potato is not vegan but the kimchi and pickled cucumbers are. I really like

the refreshing crunch and sourness of both banchan!

Topped up $2 for the pickled radish as it is my favourite side dish! Not

too bad tasted like regular pickled radish! The free ban chan was alright! Simple but tasty!

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