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Unagi Maki

by Teng Bespoke


4.42 (17)

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1 October 2022
One of their signature dishes which tasted really great! Wonder how they make their unagi

cos I don't taste any mock meat. Thumbs up!

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The "unagi" has a crazy texture!!?!!!!!!!!! How does it taste like the real thing!!!! My

guess is they used taupok. Ordered other stuff but their avo rolls are inferior to Herbivore's. Their menu isn't very transparent on what's vegan. But their katsu curry was really good too! Which I forgotten to snap a photo of 🙈 Pricey but currently they have discounts on a number of dishes on oddle and has cheaper delivery compared to Herbivore 🥺

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Absolutely delicious — my family genuinely thought it tasted like unagi which made them totally

on board with this haha. The sauce is sweet-salty-smokey goodness GOD. And it’s so filling!!

#meatalternative that can probably convert current meat eaters 😉

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Unagi Maki ($15++) I really really like this! The staff shared that the ‘unagi’ is

made of chinese yam (淮山) 🤯 My grandfather liked their wasabi as well 🥵


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Based on everyone else’s photo and review I though mine was going to be dowsed

with some of that sweet sauce. This was pretty good but I’m tempted to say I do prefer the one from herbivore #veganin2020

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VEGAN UNAGI?? wow this really did surprise me! it had an interesting jelly like texture

that my mum was not a fan of 😬 but i felt that it was rather chewy and interesting and gave a good bite to it! The fresh avocados and sauce made it better too !

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Not as good as Herbivore's but still pretty damn delicious! I thought the vegan version

may not have mayo because I had to inform them to veganize it, but it did. I'm not sure what they changed to make it vegan.
I found the soy sauce TOO salty.

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Holy shit this was just......I have no words. Clarified with the staff, they said the

mayo was vegan so I'd take their word for it. Tbf, I've never had real unagi before so I can't compare, but this maki was so good.

//10 June 2021

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MAD LOVE THIS SUSHI. Second time ordering this, it was even better than the previous

time's! It wasn't so charred, and the fake meat is simply amazing I don't know what they use??! I love the sauce drizzled too! 100/100

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