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Most helpful reviews

My favourite dish at swing kitchen! The Burgers are also delicious but this wrap stuffed

with grilled cauliflower, rösti, lettuce and tomatoes is just so so good!

A tasty wrap with cauliflower, hash brown, red onions and salad. The

portion is large enough for a light meal.

Swiss wrap: Hash browns, Hot cauliflower, Garlic sauce, Salads, Red onions, Tomato.

The Swiss Wrap is delicious I absolutely recommend trying it! It‘s a perfect combination of

warm Rösti and roasted cauliflower and fresh lettuce, tomatoes and onions with a joghurt-sauce.

Best wrap so far!! Tastes like the big rösti vom McD.... Like!!

Excellent experience at Swing, wish there were more places like this! Thank you!

Tastes super fresh! Also packed yet rolled tightly so nothing falls out.

Wrap molto aromatico e il gusto dell'aglio intenso.
Ci tornerei sicuramente!

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