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I love chopped salads and so when I spotted this on the menu and it

was already vegan 🥳 it was the first thing I ordered!

The dish was perfect, from the freshly chopped kale to the delicious veggies. My favorites were the jicama, radish and crispy chickpeas. The dressing was also so good but honestly the salad didn’t even need dressing.

So nice to see more vegan options here! We’ve been reaching out to them for years and they’re finally starting to add dedicated vegan options that are really good. They do make a lot of mistakes by adding cheese even on the vegan options, so just be sure to confirm when you order. 😀

#superloco #mexican #salad #choppedsalad #singapore

First time trying super loco brunch menu. Ordered this Mexican chopped salad and added on

quinoa-crusted tofu. Love the salad - super refreshing and flavorful! First time seeing quinoa crusted tofu - texture is interesting!

In the salad: heirloom cherry tomato, kale, jicama, sweet corn, quinoa, radish, crispy chickpeas, pomegranate, chili-sherry dressing

Gosh do I ever enjoy a good #salad 🥗 This definitely hits the mark! The

#kale was so fresh and crispy and the #chickpeas had such a lovely toast to them 😋

I’ll say that the #chilli sherry dressing isn’t quite for me though — It’s a little too sour. Another heads up is that it’s sherry, a #wine I believe, so this might not actually be #halal possibly 🤞

Also the #jicama and radish in the mix, genius! 🙌

#veganisnotscary #saladlover

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