TiNDLE™ Katzoo

by Sunny Slices
4.50 (8)
  • Is TiNDLE™ Katzoo vegan? Yes! TiNDLE™ Katzoo is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Most helpful reviews

I'm always getting the same pizza from here because I really like its taste. It

was less salty this time!!! #abillionturns3

it’s pizza, it’s plant-based, and it is a very original and tasty dish , so

i love it 🤗 The base is tasty and different from regular pizza, it gives it a new flavour that I loved, the tindle katsu pieces also a great addition to the taste and gives it even more depth texture wise with the super realistic chicken made from plants. AMAZING STUFF🤤🤤

🍕 Always happy to support a new plant-based initiative. The key point for this was

the use of Tindle for the protein, which gave a chicken like chew. I'm not a big fan of meat focused alternatives, but the pizza as whole had a great flavour, with the refreshing cabbage against the cheese and mayo~ the pizza texture was on a very chewy side. Not bad, but I kind of like a crispy form type of pizza... haha 😝 #abillionturns3

Love the tindle 'chicken'!! Not very sure of the bulldog sauce though (dont even know

what is that 😂😂) the pizza crust was a liiiiiitle too dry in my opinion, but it could also be bc the pizza was delivered so the time taken for delivery dried it up abit.

//23 Dec 2021

the first thing i noticed was the change in flavor for the bulldog sauce- it

definitely had its taste improved. the tindle bits were a good touch. the katzoo’s always been my favorite pizza flavor of choice, this tindle version is an upgrade from the original for sure.

i’m sorry but i honestly couldn’t tell the difference between this and the regular katzoo

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