Peking Jackfruit Pizza

by Sunny Slices
3.98 (9)
  • Is Peking Jackfruit Pizza vegan? Yes! Peking Jackfruit Pizza is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Most helpful reviews

9/15 I went to a pizza party recently where we tried 15 different types of

pizza! This pizza was awesome! The jackfruit duck was well seasoned and quite meaty in texture and it went really well with the crunchy cucumber on top 😋 #abillionlove

🍕 review 2/5: favourite pizza of the lot - the jackfruit is just seasoned brilliantly.

It has a slight smokey flavour that makes it unique. I was skeptical of the cucumber topping but it made the pizza feel fresh and "healthy" 😋

Please forgive the poor image. I took ig story but was too hungry to take

individual photo. So this is just a snapshot from the story.

Jackfruit pizza was great! I finished more than half of this pizza. Dead. Not really sure what I'm eating other than knowing it's jackfruit pizza. But it's awesome!! Please try!!

#vegan #pizza #jackfruit #veganin2020

My favourite vegan pizza right now!! Jackfruit and cucumber on pizza doesn't really sound like

it would work but boy, does it taste absolutely amazinggg. I try to suggest this to my friends literally everytime there's a house gathering at my place or someone else's nowadays coz I think it's a great sneak attack on vegan skeptics hahahah. The rich flavors work great with the crispiness of the cucumber (& onions I think) and crust is the right thickness (on the thinner side but still fluffy) which makes it feel not too heavy (Well, I assume it wouldn't if you have 1-2 pieces anyway. I had like half of it LOL so that was still a lot 🤣😂)
It's a little pricey especially with the $10 delivery fee but worth it on occasion I'd say! #veganuary

Who knew spring onions would go great on pizza?! On point with the peking not

duck taste with their very own house made sauce. The jackfruit creates a perfect texture and the cucumber makes it balanced. Also for some reason made me feel like I'm eating Taiwanese sesame cold noodles 😝 #veganisnotscary

It was a sunny slices day at the office! Pizza 1 - pretty good. Lots

of intense flavors, possibly too intense at times, but an original pizza for sure.

I liked this. Hoisin with cucumber and spring onion is a classic trio. It wasn’t

overly salty and had a freshness to it. #veganisnotscary

The housemade hoisin is too salty for my taste. Base is not good. Jackfruit is

nice. But delivery made the cucumber turn slightly yellow. Don't really like this flavour but thanks to their effort to develop this flavour.

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