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  • Rocky Road Smiley Shake

Rocky Road Smiley Shake



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12 October 2022
This was sooo chocolatey. They did add a ton of marshmallows, which aren't my favorite.

Also all the peanuts were at the bottom, so it needed to be mixed better. It'd be great if it could have peanut butter swirls or something like that.

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This shake was very chocolatey and a total sugar bomb! I personally think they went

a little heavy on the marshmallows - 1-2 every bite got old quick. I did note little bits of peanuts, which added a nice crunch to counteract all of the chewiness from the mallows.

Personally, not my favorite shake they offer. It would be better without the marshmallows, but then it wouldn't be a rocky road.

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