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Acai Bowl

by Soul Alife


4.77 (7)

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21 August 2019
This was nice - I had the small one which was a generous serve.


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24 April 2020
this was really refreshing and cool!!

Its abundant with loads of fruits and seeds!! really enjoyed it😋

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29 June 2019
The granola was tough, and tastes like the granola you get in normal cereals.

The acai was creamy but seemed a little melted. The goji berries didnt really go well with the acai cause it tastes pretty strong plus it keeps getting to my teeth so it was a hassle. One small issue i had was that the bowl has no flat surface and the acai was a little runny so it kept shifting to one side as I ate

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30 March 2018
It's a very refreshing and cooling dessert.

Just the right way to end a meal without feeling guilty about having eaten too much

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23 April 2020
This is so pretty!!

it is blended with bananas which was abit too bananaey for my sensitive tongue. Also got this to let my sisters try it bcos they haven’t had acai before!! good thing is that this still tastes good/ textured well after sitting in the freezer for a while but its not like conventional acai ( which makes me wonder what is used in conventional ones lolol)

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15 July 2020
Made out of fresh, organic & tasty açai berries!

Fruity and creamy base, topped with bananas, coconut flakes, oat crumbs, goji berries, and a sprinkle of sunflower and chia seeds! A must-try and something you shouldn’t miss out on 🤩

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12 June 2020
my love for acai is just undescriable!

however, this acai have a little strong banana taste but still good overall!

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