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Quattro Stagioni Pizza

by Sora Lella Vegan Roman Restaurant


4.80 (3)

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3 March 2020
Okay, THIS is my new favourite pizza from Sora Lella!

🤩🍕 There are sooooo many toppings, the best being the seitan meat which is sliced so thinly and had incredible almost crispy bits which were sooo meaty and flavourful. They really don’t hold back with the amount of toppings, and the pizza base is so thin and crispy and delightful. I highly...

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29 July 2022
As everything vegan: delicious!

But also expensive LOL cheese is always the challenge but I mean I dont care as long as it is tasty! 💚

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3 April 2020
Excellent pizza, very oily but so flavoursome, not had vegan pizza cheese like it!

And the 4 different “stations” with different types of toppings was really fun!

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