Red Pesto Pizza

  • Is Red Pesto Pizza vegan? Yes! Red Pesto Pizza is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Most helpful reviews

Tangy, tangy, tangy!! The red pesto sauce is piquant and strong and those sundried tomatoes

add a crunchy yet soft burst of salty zest. This and their truffle porcini pizza are my favourite picks at Smoocht and it ranks as one of the top 5 pizzas of my life not even joking.

Pretty interesting flavours! Didn't exactly taste like typical Italian red pesto; felt more tangy and

had more spices. It doesn't look like it has much ingredients but it was still filling! #veganisnotscary

This new addition is way to good.
Our favorite is "hot vegan chick" but now I

will say this is a big hit.
The flavours of bell pepper with spices(basil for sure) just make it so so so perfect.
Very Indian I would say.
Highly Recommend

The base is soft but crisp on the edges. The red pesto has a nice

tang to the dish. Should definitely try it.

The restaurant in itself has a cozy feel. Good for a study meal.

Best vegan pizza I've tried so far! Better than pizzaexpress in my opinion. Really flavorful!!

This pizza has both sundried and fresh tomatoes. It is herby, tangy and very delicious.

This is a new edition in their menu .it has a lot of flavors but

not my favorite .I like the Hawaiian pizza most. This is a little spicy for me

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