Bbq Chicken Pizza

  • Is Bbq Chicken Pizza vegan? Yes! Bbq Chicken Pizza is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Most helpful reviews

Large pizzas price range from 14-20$ .
They make their cheese with cashews .
The place is

very cozy for groups /couples or even when you wanna go there all alone.
The best vegan pizzeria cum cafe in Jurong west though most people dunno about it since it is inside a HDB.

AH SO GOOD! I wished it was bigger because the taste was absolutely incredible. My

favorite part was the combination of pineapple and “chicken”. It gave it a very fresh taste. Had a Mango Passionfruit Ice cream for desert but forgot to take a pic...too good for the wait.

Tasty at the start but the bbq sauce gets too sweet from your second slice

onwards. Nice texture for the soy chicken though! :3 Great pairing with vegan cheese & the crust :’) #pizza #bbq #chicken #cheese

The barbecue sauce was really good (sweet and savory). This is one of my favorite

pizzas here at Smoocht! Nice way to satisfy my junk food cravings. #crfsg

So Smoocht has few think crust pizza options out of which we chose BBQ chicken.

All plant based, and they use a nut cheese 😁

It was so good that we were hungry for more. But the milk shake and the ice cream filled us up.

Super satisfied with the plant based options provided by Smoocht and it's such a cosy place to hang out, read a book or plug in your laptop and start working.

Edge of the crust is crispy and base is soft. The serving is quite generous

- two sizes to choose from. I ordered the bigger one. I like how the sauce and ingredients blended well together. Also the cheese doesn’t make me feel ‘jelak’, unlike Nom Nvom’s pizza.

The 10" BBQ at $16 is good value and has a unique sweet and sour

taste which with Tabasco is heavenly.

This was such a nice place- friendly staff and smelt amazing! The pizza was

delicious, but I felt there was too much sauce. Next time I will ask for it with less sauce. Reasonable prices. Loads of choice too! Would definitely recommend!

I personally prefer if they had less sauce and less ‘chicken’ (maybe replace it with

other ingredients?). Still pretty good though and the large pizza is very filling.

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