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  • Foghorn Legless
  • Foghorn Legless

Foghorn Legless

by Smith and Deli


4.73 (3)

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2 October 2019
My fave sandwich at the deli. I love the new grab and go option. I

was in and out in five minutes which is unheard of! Tasted just as good as a fresh made one too. Love the ranch #alv

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This place is out of this world. The most amazing and delicious selection of vegan

sandwiches I’ve ever seen!!

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This one is a: Chicken schnitzel, lettuce, tomato bacon, ranch sandwich.
Not great value at

$16 so probably would go for a cheaper sandwich next time. But it was yummy.


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Honestly I’m not such a fan of this sandwich after trying it. I don’t like

tempeh so the chicken schnitzel was disappointing. It is a fresh and light sandwich though so good for hot days

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