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by Shift Eatery


4.69 (9)

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25 January 2021
Not the best picture because we forgot to take one because we were so excited.

Ordering this for months now. Absolute treat of a sandwich!

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Pricey sandwich 🥑 taste great though 🥬 toast is a bit too oily
#vegan #plantbased


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This has schnitzel, turkey slices, aioli, cheddar, avo smash, greens, tomato and greens. I love

how the bread is toasted golden and has a slightly crisp exterior. It is bit oily and the schnitzel is too meaty. Overall, it was a satisfying meal!

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Amazing sandwich you can not miss. I just love the flavours they mix. Really loving


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SO GOOD! This sandwich is amazing. Bread is perfectly crisp, mock meat is spot on

and the cheese is so creamy. The staff and restaurant in general are so lovely!

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Absoluty love this place, friendly staff wonderful food! great options all 100% vegan, what else

can I say. this option was scrumptious! to say the least a must try.

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