Healthy Hummus Pita Pocket

by Shake Farm
4.16 (5)
  • Is Healthy Hummus Pita Pocket vegan? Yes! Healthy Hummus Pita Pocket is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Most helpful reviews

First time here and they have a few vegan options that look good. This pita

pocket has hummus, cherry tomatoes, toasted coconut, spinach and raisins in a whole wheat pita. I honestly thought this was going to be small for me but it was super filling, really well stuffed and the little touches like the coconut and raisins made the contrasting flavors amazing! I’ll definitely be back!

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Originally wanted to try their smoothie bowls but I was really hungry so decided to

get this instead. It was a good choice! They are super generous with the hummus filling to the point that the pita was literally bursting at the seams with hummus 😂The raisins, cherry tomatoes and toasted coconut all complemented the hummus well. Was a very filling and satisfying meal. Would love to go back and try their other stuff!

Set lunch comes with pita + a shake!! Pretty hearty!

This is very healthy but very dry. I didn't like the texture of it in

my mouth.

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