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Big breakfast

by Seed Plant-Based Cafe


4.85 (4)

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19 September 2019
My husband and I eat this dish at least once a week.

We LOVE it because it is nutrition-packed with both kale and sweet potatoes. Highly recommend. Seed Cafe has such a sweet ambience and has cultivated a great...

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20 September 2019

They do a great job with the “Parmesan” kale and “cheesy” tofu! The toast and sweet potatoes round it out and make it perfect. This is a favorite in our family!

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5 September 2019
Breakfast just the way vegans (and anyone really!) like it.

Tofu scramble, sweet potatoes, toast—yum!

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10 October 2018
I'm excited to have this new fully vegan restaurant in the Twin Cities!

This dish was on point with all the flavors- from the simple tofu scramble with delicious cheez sauce to the rosemary potatoes and the perfectly sauteed kale. A very fueling breakfast!

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