Vegan Orh Luak

by Saute-San
4.25 (15)
  • Is Vegan Orh Luak vegan? Yes! Vegan Orh Luak is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Most helpful reviews

Couldn’t believe that this was vegetarian. Taste and texture closely resembled the ‘real’ option. Will

return to try the other variations. #sg

YASSSSSS such a happy child moment.
Was craving for their orh luak for a while so

finally headed down to this mall to have it.
Their orh luak really is very very good. Its oyster omelette,in its original version. So they use vegan eggs and mushroom and an add on of the seaweed.
The omelette is perfectly fried to a perfect crispy level, doesn't taste toooooo starchy, the seaweed touch is a bomb, the only qualm is- i feel they cld add a bit more of the mushrooms.

Even the sambal, hits the spot in terms of taste, thickness and spicy level!

I've always been a fan of Flavours By Saute's Vegan Orh Luak. Unfortunately this version

I had at Saute San was extremely bland - not sure if it's because of the branch or if it was just not done well that day? The starchy gooey texture was there, but the taste was missing. The fried firm tofu didn't have the distinctive eggy taste and the straw mushrooms were also lacking in flavour, like they had forgotten to put salt into the entire dish. Only the parts with seaweed shreds were more savoury. Had to drench the dish in extra chilli sauce to finish the dish. Somewhat disappointed as I had raved to my non-veg father about how impressive this dish would be prior to visiting the eatery. (Allium-free, $11.90) #sgvegan #halal

in all honesty, i didnt get the hype about this. it was quite nice, and

the taukwa tasted like egg, but not really orh luak in particular. it tasted good, just that it’s overrated #veganin2020

Always loved this dish because the tofu as an egg replacement was fried crispy. Chilli

was good orh luak chilli with tang. However, the straw mushrooms were tasteless on their own. Will be better if they seasoned and marinated the mushrooms for umami-ness and make the entire orh luak less salty to even out the saltiness.

I had my first vegan orh luak few years back at Saute Bugis Cube, it

was a love at first tried. Since then, I have always favourite orh luak from Saute. The texture, taste and portion is always the perfect 👌

Thankful for a vegan orh luak option, but feel like it was done better back

in Bugis cube hmm. Today’s one seemed more starchy and gelatinous than I remember.

It was interesting to try vegan orh luak, have to give them credit for the

innovation. Unfortunately, the texture was way too starchy and a bit grainy as well so it wasn’t that enjoyable. However, my friend said that it usually tastes better so I might’ve just been there on a bad day!

Mushrooms cooked with tau gua to form chewy orh luak and served with chili sauce

complementary to the taste served in Hawker centres.

This Saute establishment really bring up the well-loved singapore dish back to my plate.
Veganized Orh

Luak, may not be the heathiest, but at least can satisfy your craved and my old memory (of having shared plates of assorted dishes, with chopstick and drinks out of open-air food court TPY 8).

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