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  • Mala Lion Mane Dry Ramen
  • Mala Lion Mane Dry Ramen

Mala Lion Mane Dry Ramen

by Saute-San


4.31 (9)

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10 November 2019
Really enjoyed this. Just the right amount of spice to gently tingle the taste buds

along with the lion mane mushrooms that provide a nice “meaty” texture. If you are a Mala lover u will definitely like this dish! :)

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That was really delicious. Well seasoned, not that much spicy and a lot of veggies

Vegan 🌱

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The dish has great flavour that doesn't screams at you. Good balance of carbs versus

everything else. Nicely spiced and keeps you going.

Personally prefer it if the noodles were springier~ #veganuary

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Am so stoked to have come across this gem of a place recently! They have

a variety of stuff but mostly veg korean/jap stuff like ramen, udon, soba..😍 This was the first dish I tried. It’s a mix of dry ramen, spicy mala sauce, kelp, cucumber, carrots & lion mane mushroom (I asked to do without the minced shrooms). The soy sauce (prob part of the mala?) was a little too much for me. Made it more sweet than spicy. Would have preferred it the other way round. But i liked it still, was decent enough! & can’t wait to go back to try the other dishes!

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The mushrooms were awesome, the portion matched the price. They're quite heavy with the cilantro,

which was a little off putting. The mala isn't insanely spicy, it's there but not close to actual mala. The sauce is also a little sweet. After a while it tastes a little oily and jelak.

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Not actually spicy or tasted like Mala?
I thought it was a little spicy but was

very similar to the regular lion lane mushroom ramen.
I shared it with my dad and he loved it. Wanted something spicy but we both agreed it lacked in that aspect

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Got this one for our helper “Spicy, very good, the mushroom tastes like meat”. The

portion is generous and just right.

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