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Inhale Exhale

by SaladStop!


4.58 (9)

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5 November 2019
Bought this during the haze + during a point where I wasn’t having a

balanced meal. Felt revitalised after having this - liked how the grapes added a bit of a sweetness that matched with the sauce and the rest of the salad

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4 March 2021
One of our family favourite place for the salads Ii like the variety of vegetables

and sauce

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11 September 2019
Look at all the dark greens in this salad!

I also like the Brussels sprouts. Never saw that in a salad before. #crf

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8 November 2019
A super tasty spinach wrap guys!

😱 Love the grapes and crunchyness of the entire meal. I replaced the tomato with chickpeas.

Half of the wrap filled me so saved the other half for later 😏 Highly recommend this new item on their menu!

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19 November 2019
I love how green this is along with the red of the beetroot.

But the highlight are the Brussels sprouts. #crf

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19 December 2021
We always order salads from Saladstop.

We'll arranged with good variety.

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30 September 2019
I love Saladstop, but this wasn’t my favourite wrap.

I asked for tomato wrap but got regular and paid extra for avocado which was quite tasteless. Sad! However, healthy as always with nice ingredients (just maybe not in season) and great perks for vegans and...

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2 October 2019
Yummy food can be healthy at the same time!


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