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I got the grain bowl which has more quinoa and it was filling, satisfying and

very healthy. Very fresh ingredients. It’s great they label which salads and dressings are vegan but it would be great if they’re clear about which individual toppings are vegan as I was choosing my own. So many I was #spoiltforchoice! It was worth it to pay extra for the vegetable patty; it tasted really good. The alfalfa and coriander were really nice and fresh. Also had tofu, edamame, beetroot, corn and crackers for toppings, which add a nice crunch and flavor. This is a nice place to dine w

I like to choose my own ingredients to fit my mood. I also get the

balsamic direct from the bottle with zero oil #crfsg

First SaladStop Bowl ever — feat. Quinoa Grain Bowl with Romaine Lettuce, Red & White

Cabbage, Alfalfa Sprouts, Black Beans, Chickpeas, Edamame, Fresh Herbs (mainly mint & dill), Lotus Root Pickle, Plant Protein Patty, Smoked Pimento Vinaigrette, Thai Turmeric Dressing & a crunchy breadstick with little chia seeds :) Too much going on in this bowl cause I wanted to try everything I was interested in hahaha #salad #quinoa #breadstick #patty

A great wholesome (and tasty) wrap that has become a staple dinner at our house

whenever we're too lazy to cook! Got it with some extra plant based patty and some red pepper hummus on the side. I always feel great after eating this!

Create your own: wrap edition! This is really yummy and it's fun to be able

to DIY it.


$9.90 + $4 for a beyond meat patty!! ordered the salad with soba, pumpkin, chickpeas,

corn, lentil, carrots, sunflower seeds, black beans and the beyond meat patty (total 10 toppings) with the Japanese sesame sauce! the menu states which dressing is vegan so that’s nice:”) this was a really good and filling salad, though a little expensive? the beyond meat patty was so tiny (about 3/4 an adult palm size) for its price though:/ but of course it tasted amazing!!! I love the beyond meat patty so naturally I loved it in the salad and also kudos to salad stop for bringing it in!

I’m curious to know if any of you guys have watched any vegan documentaries. Some

of my favourites are :
- Dominion
- Earthlings
- Cowspiracy
- Lucent
- What The Health
- Blackfish

I had initially went vegetarian 7 years ago simply because i have never liked the taste of meat since young. As opposed to any other young kids who would leave out their vegetables on the plate during meals, I would eat all the vegetables and leave out the meat.

My parents assumed i was weird & thought i would grow out of it. To encourage me to eat meat, my mum would frequently bring me to KFC to have some popcorn chicken since it was a more “fun” way of eating them. But i’ll be like “No, i want the coleslaw.” 😂 I was mad though, that i thought humans HAD TO eat meat to survive. I never knew vegetarianism or veganism existed back then.

As soon as i have heard of the term “vegetarian” when i was 12, i immediately went vegetarian and never looked back. My parents freaked out like i became a drug dealer or something. 2 years later i started learning about the ethical side of things, animal agriculture / factory farming etc. and converted to veganism. It was the best lifestyle i could ensue to fit my morals. & i am happier and healthier than ever right now at the age of 19.

But moreover, i am disappointed that we humans have been mislead to think that animal nutrients are much more superior than plants. Not even to mention the false government nutritional guidelines that “promotes good health”. Because we need protein, not meat. We need calcium, not milk. We need omegas, not fish. To all of which can be found in a plant-based diet.

I can only hope the plant-based movement continues to grow like how much it did in 2019.

Veganism is the future.

Whenever I'm craving for salad or just something really healthy, SaladStop is the place I

would go to. They have vegan wraps as well, however I prefer to build my own salad/wrap as it is much affordable.
This salad is made of romanian lettuce, grated carrots, broccoli, lentils, corn, chickpea, beetroot, sunflower seed, bell pepper and edamame.
After building your salad, they would have a choice of having a chia bread stick or crackers. I prefer the breadstick.
However, do take note to ask for a change of glove as they are also selling non-vegan products. Overall, I really love this salad place!

Salad Stop's custom wraps are fantastic, and it was easy to choose the items to

make it a satisfying vegan meal. For this wrap I combined mango, quinoa, avocado, spinach, and tied it together with a ginger dressing and a toasted tortilla. The mango and ginger gave the wrap sweet accents that combined well with the warmed quinoa. With plenty of options to mix and match, omnivores, vegetarians, and vegans alike are bound to find something that suits their taste!

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