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Most helpful reviews

First time at Rosalinda. This was really tasty! I love the piece of “cheese” inside

it too! The place is super nice

Mushrooms are probably in my top two vegetables! I was so impressed with how they

got so much meaty and smoky flavour in these!

These birria-style tacos are very in right now, so I knew I'd have to try

them (plus they had the word MUSHROOM in the name). This was $19. It wasn't great. The best thing was the consommé (in the cup). I drank it lol. It happened to be their reopening night after being shut down for 400 days! Everyone was so nice and knowledgeable and the atmosphere was so cool. I just wouldn't go back because it was way too expensive for the quality and quantity that you end up with. #veganisnotscary

The better of tacos. Very flavorful. I'd eat many more if these didn't cost

nine bucks.

"queso blanco, shaved cabbage, consommé"

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