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Market Hash

by Reverie Cafe + Bar


4.90 (8)

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24 January 2021
Oh yum this was so delicious!

Potatoes perfectly cooked, Smoked Potatoes, Housemade Sausage, Seasonal Veggies, Creamy Chimichurri, Pepitas. #veganuary

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17 April 2021
This is such a great combination of flavors and textures with the smoked potatoes, housemade

sausage, seasonal veggies, creamy chimichurri, and pepitas.

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20 March 2022
Market Hash uses seasonal ingredients and so it isn’t always like this: seasoned sweet

potatoes, roasted beets, housemade sausage, creamy chimichurri, pickled red onions and pepitas.

Everything is vegan at Reverie Cafe + Bar!

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15 November 2020
The creamy chimichurri was really incredible!

And the potatoes were beautifully seasoned, everything else complemented them very well!

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11 August 2022
Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!

This is such a great dish. Filling, with a variety of flavors and textures. The presentation is good, and they use different seasonal ingredients, so it is a bit different each...

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26 June 2022
This was absolutely delicious.

Taste and texture were perfect. I also love the compostable containers.

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24 December 2020
Yummy and satisfying vegan brunch perfection!

So good.

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