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Bloomington Breakfast

by Reverie Cafe + Bar


4.88 (5)

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11 August 2022
Delicious and filling breakfast. Every part of this was fabulous, and I would definitely recommend

it. If you are looking for an English-style breakfast, this is for you. #breakfast

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28 March 2023
This big breakfast plate has a little bit of everything, so it's a great choice

if you're not sure what you want. It has vegan egg, collard greens, tomatoes, tempeh bacon, vegan sausage, beans, and toast. It's served with hot sauce that adds a good kick to everything. I think this is one of the more expensive brunch items on the menu at $15.

#breakfast #brunch #veganegg #tempeh #veganmeat #vegansausage #veganbacon #hotsauce #toast #tomatolover #eatyourgreens #beans

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This was a fantastic and filling breakfast; it kept me going until dinner! It comes

with mojo breakfast beans, Just Egg scramble, roasted tomato, tempeh bacon, Rev sausage, collards, house hot sauce, sourdough toast, and house butter. #veganisnotscary

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