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  • Biscuit,  Sausage and Gravy
  • Biscuit,  Sausage and Gravy

Biscuit, Sausage and Gravy

by Reverie Cafe + Bar


4.30 (4)

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12 February 2022
Biscuits and gravy with (optional) sausage is aways savory and filling.

I can’t stop thinking about this entree. Reverie Cafe + Bar also has delicious macaroni and cheese, cinnamon rolls, kombucha and wine. Everything is vegan at Reverie!

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2 November 2021
This was such a tasty brunch!

I love biscuits and gravy, and this did not disappoint! It comes with housemade biscuits, savory mushroom gravy, and a touch of sour cream, and I added housemade sausage. #veganisnotscary

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15 November 2020
I really liked the gravy!

So savory and salty, really perfect with the biscuit! (I did not add sausage)

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1 September 2020
Ok so this may not look the most appetizing in my picture, it was heaven

on earth!! Biscuit fluffy and buttery, gravy with mushrooms flavorful and sausage with some spice. Love Reverie.

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