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Most helpful reviews

The broth is hearty and nourishing. The hoon kway noodles has a nice pumpkin taste.

I am not just a fan of thick noodles!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been here to eat this!! 9/10

If you're looking for something hot, soupy & the thicc type of mee hoon kway,

then you'll really enjoy this. Love the bright colours the pumpkin imparts on the mee. Broth is very light & refreshing, perfect on cold & rainy days. As per Red Apple standard, comes loaded with veggies & shrooms. @lizard enjoyed this v.much!

First time trying this dish! The noodles were super chewy and nice. The soup was

hearty to drink and there were tofu and veggies as well. Overall a really warm & comforting dish!😊

Good portion at a price of $6, a lot of ingredients put inside including two

types of vege, shimeiji mushroom, the very popular zhai er etc. In short, it’s simply nutritious and tasty :)

Mee hoon kway was kinda thick and tough, doesn’t come with any tofu or meat

alternative. Definitely prefer the Yishun 729 version!

i love the fried tau kee and the veges tasted good! the texture of the

mee hoon kway was nice too, but i felt like the pumpkin taste cld be stronger :)

Not bad, yixin’s is still better imo but this one is a very clean and

clear soup! The kway is nice and chewy and handmade

Purportedly pumpkin-infused mee hoon kway 🎃 though I'm pretty sure I was given plain mee

hoon kway instead, since mine wasn't orange in colour like what previous reviewers got. Personally wasn't a fan of the tough doughy noodles. 🍜 Came in a somewhat bland bowl of soup along with unseasoned tofu, spinach, shimeji mushrooms, hard (borderline raw) carrot and radish chunks, corn, as well as soggy fried soy 'goose'. 🥬🍄🥕 I try not to be negative but this is not a dish I would recommend; healthy doesn't mean having no flavour... I've eaten similar dishes at other eateries that are also wholesome yet tasty. However if you're into extremely clean-tasting food, then this might be for you. To be fair, perhaps they rushed the cooking process as it was an hour before closing time. (Allium-free, $6.50) #sgvegan #chinesefood #alliumfree #wholefoodplantbased #wfpb

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