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Most helpful reviews

Mini size rainbow color spring rolls. Very healthy feeling. A good starter to begin with.

Very fresh and tasty. Comes with a sweet Thai chilli sauce which is nice and


Wrapped veggies with a bit of plant-based meat strips, in a pool of sweet chili

sauce. Healthy and tastes alright.


Not so impressed with the sauce. But the roll itself is amazingly delicious! The veggies

are crunchy with a little bit of soy-based meat inside. #veganuary

Nice rolls with fresh veggies like raw turnips, very nice and refreshing. Not a fan

of the sauce which came with it, watered down sweet chilli sauce. There were two pcs of mock ham and I was not crazy about them too. Pricey for this plate.

FIVE STARS!! it tasted rlly good! the sauce was nice too! will defo get it


Should b canned from this menu. Dont expect kind bowl or naked earth standard

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