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4.29 (17)
  • Is Tiramisu vegan? Yes! Tiramisu is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Out. Of. This. World. Pure #veganheaven 😇🤤 I haven’t had tiramisu since going vegan 2

years + ago. This was SOOOO CREAMY and bursting with flavor!!!! I wanna eat this every time I go there, $8.50 but such a unique dish I would pay for it!!! @adora really loved it too! Wanna return to this lovely place with lovely food and lovely vibes!!! #vegbuddies #sogood #bestpicks ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 they’ve quite a few vegan cakes to choose from too #spoiltforchoice

I can’t believe this was vegan. In fact I think almost all if not all

their desserts and cakes are vegan. I loved the Tiramisu but my father wasn’t a huge fan. Shame he finished his off though and didn’t leave me any! I think it’s $8 but if you don’t eat dessert often (like me) then it’s a treat that’s totally worth it!

Actually, my only criticism is that it isn’t larger because I would totally smash it.

I was hoping for cake soaked in coffee kind of tiramisu. This tiramisu was more

cake ish, and wasn't that creamy or soft. The cake part actually tasted dry. The coffee is quite strong though.

!! This tiramisu was !! :’) Love how most vegan creams (or at least almost

all of those I’ve tried) are the light-tasting kind you won’t get sick of a few mouthfuls in :’) Also really liked how this wasn’t too sweet, and how the chopped walnuts in the cake layers added another dimension to this dish :)

Was really looking forward to dessert! If this tiramisu was a bit more creamy (

more cream less coffee/cocoa powder) it would be perfect 👌

This is definitely a healthier version from the non-vegan tiramisu I’ve had in the past.

It was light and had similar consistency and think it’s good for those who aren’t crazy about tiramisu cause I didn’t find the flavours as sweet or strong as the ones I’ve had before

I don’t have a solo picture of the tiramisu, but its the one on the

Would definitely come back for a tiramisu 👍🏼 Not too sweet, but would like to taste more of the coffee 🙂

It was hands down the best tiramisu I had! Sadly a little small to share.

Would be an OK portion for just one person :)) Wouldn't have known that it is vegan simply by the taste 😊 Very instagramable with the wooden spoon and clear cup

Really not bad for a tiramisu. I am not the biggest fan of the flour

they put in, but as far as tiramisu goes - good option!

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