Portobello Burger

by Real Food
4.50 (12)
  • Is Portobello Burger vegan? Yes! Portobello Burger is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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#VeganIsNotScary. #358

Beet Millet Handmade patty made with beetroot, carrots, onions, millet and potatoes. Stacked

with onions, tomatoes, avocado, fresh greens, and homemade tomato sauce. The burger came with 2 side dishes, fried onion rings with herbs and spices. The other one was batter-dipped fried cauliflower. The burger was super delicious 🤤! Though both onion ring and cauliflower were a bit oily but still yummy!

Very crispy portobello mushroom , taste, good, choose 2 side dishes

A balance meal, would be more healthy if less oil “trapped” in the battered portobello.

Comes with 2 sides, fried (sweet) potato wedges & batter-dipped fried cauliflower

This tasted SO good! The fried mushroom is juicy and fragrant. The potato salad has

a bit of a tangy taste.

Note that this comes with 2 sides of your choice (we ordered potato salad and green salad)

Crispy portobello burger with baked potato wedges and fried cauliflower - my hubby's somewhat sinful

burger set! The fried cauliflower was good but a little heavy.

I like that we get to choose 2 sides out of 6 available.. the burger

is hard to eat as it is quite tall.. so we "deconstructed" it.. onions rings r great!

Interesting interpretation of a burger, taste-wise is not that amazing, but the sides were fresh

and crisp especially the battered cauliflower

2 big slabs of fried portobello mushrooms! Comes with 2 sides as well. Everything was

good :)

Delish burger, though the portobello patty was a bit greasy for my liking 🍔 the

batter was thin and crispy at least.👍🏻

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